Quantum Research Park (QuRP)

QuRP : To create & inspire scientific innovations in the field of Quantum Computing and related technologies.

The Indian Institute of Science aspires to deploy a dedicated effort to address key quantum technology challenges by establishing a framework to promote collaborations between physicists, material scientists, computer scientists, and engineers. IISc (Indian Institute of Science), the key institute instrumental in helping India develop past strategic missions (Indian nuclear technology and space technology programs were conceived and nurtured at IISc), has a multi-disciplinary research faculty interested in quantum science and technologies. Prior to the current interest in quantum technologies, IISc has played a pioneering role in the country for efforts to become self-reliant in areas of Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoelectronics, and Nanoscience. 

Click here to download the flyer https://iqti.iisc.ac.in/QuRP-RPGR-2023.pdf 


The actual registration fee for the RPGR 2023 will be waived if you apply through this partnership program.


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As there are limited seats, only short-listed candidates will be provided with registration at the fees mentioned above.

Student registrations are still open for the QuRP-RPGR 2023 partnership program!

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For any queries write to office.qurp@iisc.ac.in