Quantum physics has made an enormous impact on society, both in terms of understanding how the properties of bulk materials arise from their quantum origin, and the subsequent harnessing of these properties leading to technological inventions such as semiconductors, superconductors and lasers. Nowadays, the second wave of quantum revolution is unfolding world-wide, spanning high precision sensors and metrology, quantum communications, quantum simulations and computation, as well as quantum-inspired technologies.

With a mission to lay a solid foundation for the field of quantum technologies, and to establish a framework to promote collaborations between physicists, material scientists, computer scientists and engineers, IISc launched its Quantum Technology Initiative (IQTI) in September 2020. It would leverage the Institute’s research expertise in the area of quantum technologies, and at the same time, form a visionary research and development platform through national and international collaborations. This initiative is envisaged not to be just purely academic science; it would actively engage with industry and strategic partners to create technology with economic benefits and social impact.

Click here to download the IQTI Vision document.

Click here to read the IISc Kernel article “Taking the Quantum Leap” (September 2021).

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Financial Support

  • Institute of Eminence funds of IISc
  • The Centre for Excellence in Quantum Technology supported by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India
  • Design and development of quantum computing toolkit (simulator workbench) and capacity building project of ITEA Division, MeITY, GoI
  • Quantum Enabled Science and Technology (QuEST) program of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India:
    • Q-34: Dephasing of quantum states in many-body localized and other types of disordered quantum systems
    • Q-39: Sources for quantum information processing
    • Q-43: Demonstration of a 4-qubit quantum processor using superconducting qubits in scalable architecture
    • Q-104: In anticipation of quantum computers
    • Quantum computer simulator development
  • Quantum Research Park supported by the Government of Karnataka

Contact Information

For general queries, please write to office.iqti [AT] iisc.ac.in

For information on the MTech program on Quantum Technology, write to info.iqti [AT] iisc.ac.in

The Quantum Computer Simulator Toolkit based on Prof. Apoorva Patel’s work is available at https://qctoolkit.in