Quantum Research Park


To create & inspire scientific innovations in the field of Quantum Computing and related technologies.

The Indian Institute of Science aspires to deploy a dedicated effort to address key quantum technology challenges by establishing a framework to promote collaborations between physicists, material scientists, computer scientists, and engineers. IISc (Indian Institute of Science), the key institute instrumental in helping India develop past strategic missions (Indian nuclear technology and space technology programs were conceived and nurtured at IISc), has a multi-disciplinary research faculty interested in quantum science and technologies. Prior to the current interest in quantum technologies, IISc has played a pioneering role in the country for efforts to become self-reliant in areas of Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoelectronics, and Nanoscience.


Charting the Quantum Future

Join us on a quantum journey as we push boundaries and shape the future of quantum technology.

Skill development

  • Q-Karyashala  workshop
  • Start up and  industry collaboration 
  • Q-Daksha Internship program 
  • Popular science Talks

Research focus

  • Quantum Computation 
  • Quantum Communication 
  • Quantum Materials
  • Quantum Imaging 

Infrastructure Development

  • Closed cycle optical cryostat 
  • Quantum measurement and control systems
  • Continuous Tunable Laser
  • Pulsed ND Yag laser 


Create & inspire scientific innovations in the field of Quantum Computing and related technologies

Quantum Research Park, a Hub for Quantum Computing and related technologies is a project administered by FSID (Foundation for Science Innovation and Development), IISc with support from KITS (Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society), Government of Karnataka. QuRP will encourage scientific inventions & innovations in the field of Quantum Computing and related technologies. We envision creating QuRP to foster skill development, mentorship, and industry/startup collaborations in the domain of quantum technologies.

Q-Daksha Student Internship Program ​

Q-Daksha Student Internship Program



III /IV-year B.E/ BTech, I/II-year M.Sc./MTech students.

Exclusive for students from Karnataka Only


4-8 weeks (with appropriate stipend)


Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

A great opportunity for aspiring students to engage and witness Quantum Technology research at IISc.

Glimpses of Q-Daksha Student Internship Program 2023

Q-Karyashala 2024

A workshop to deepen your understanding of Quantum technology-related subjects

Glimpses of Q-Karyshala 2023

Q-Karyashala 2024

  • Pedological Talks by Renowned Experts
  • Lab Visits to Explore Quantum Applications
  • Hands-on sessions
  • Interactive session


24th and 25th June 2024.

Eligibility :

Senior undergraduate, postgraduate, and research students, faculties, and researchers from Karnataka, along with industry experts.


Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru

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Collaborations through seed fund projects

Startup Collaboration

Industry Collaboration

International Collaboration

QuRP Co-Sponsors RPGR 2023 Conference


IQTI-Industry Conclave 2023

For queries, write to office.qurp@iisc.ac.in